To achieve great things

To achieve great things, you need a plan and not quite enough time. -Leonard Bernstein

Isn’t that true? So what do you think happens when you pat a twentysomething on the head and you say, “You have 10 extra years to start your life”? Nothing happens. You have robbed that person of his urgency and ambition, and absolutely nothing happens.




Love people, especially those who love you

Yes I’m talking about people in general. Daddy, mummy, family, baby, baby’s family, friends, colleagues, everybody. Do not take for granted other’s kindness. You’ve already screwed this up many times; don’t ever let it happen again. There were so many awesome people whom have walked out on you because you did things that hurt them. These were people who have done so much for you, but you did not do the same. You were too full of yourself, and you chose not to be genuine to them.

It’s not too late to start loving the people in your life. Learn from Mummy. Practice what she calls ‘give and you shall be given’. Give generously and wholeheartedly. It’s one of the best investments in life.

As for those who stubbornly and heartlessly take your kindness for granted, identify them and understand. But don’t hate. Channel the effort for these people onto those who are more worthy.

Zip your bag. Be on your guard.

Okay this is very self-explanatory. It’s simply to guard against all accidents and not to regret when it’s too late. Actually, it doesn’t even take more than 2 seconds to zip, or unzip. But it saves you from lots of unnecessary worries and regrets later.

This trip I realised my general awareness for such things is very weak. I went to wash my hair at the salon leaving all my valuables downstairs with the hairstylist despite knowing that Chinese people are known for their dishonesty. I’m just pure lucky that nothing was stolen this time.

Keep a notebook

Now that Aunty Tan Chong gave you a very exquisite Swarovski pen, put it to good use. You like to figure things out in your head and that’s not efficient. For one, it gets all over the place. Secondly, it’s slow. Thirdly, you don’t remember it. Most importantly, it usually yields no results or conclusion because you cannot keep track of your thoughts.

Keep a notebook and bring it with you everywhere you go. There’s no need to conserve your usage and don’t be lazy to take it out. Use it, draw mind-maps, diagrams, and just anything that formulates your thoughts together.

Be very meticulous in everything you do

For the very first time in my life, I missed a plane. The lesson cost me $350, which thankfully isn’t a lot. I feel real bad because Mommy pushed the blame all to herself. But deep down I know, I’m the one who ought to bear the full responsibility. This was a result of my negligence, of my lack of due diligence in ensuring that I know my flight details accurately. What’s more, I forgot the check the boarding time at Hong Kong. At 7.45pm, which was the stated boarding time, I was still at Pacific Coffee ordering my iced tea and quiche. That was another close shave.

In future, do not rely on the air ticket for time flight timings. It’s printed in such a confusing manner with so much unimportant details. Extract all the important information onto a notebook or into the phone for easy reference. Be sure to cross reference the information to make sure you copied the correct stuff.

Solve the problem on the very day

Learnt this through conversation with Uncle Wayne, He explained that it is a good work ethic to solve the problem on that very day. Do not procrastinate in attending to it because it is never going to solve by itself. Problems will snowball, before you know it, its hit you real hard like an avalanche. Never go to bed without solving the problem. Of course, solving the problem IMMEDIATELY is most efficient. Keep the chain unbroken: Problem hits, think of what to do, do it.

Put your heart into it

A step beyond just clocking the hours is putting your heart, mind and soul into the right things. You are not running the operations for someone else. It is for yourself. You can pretend to put your heart into it and fool everyone around you, but you can fool yourself. You will also soon be exposed because the lack of results will expose you. Then you will start finding excuses and yada yada, giving others the permission to form judgments of you. Why would you want that? Either way, you lose.